Hi Johnny-Glenn,

I have had an email through the site from a James Essien who wants me to contact him through a yahoo address. It sounds suspicious to me. Has anyone else had these emails & what should we do about it???

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Mmmm.  James Essien is a new member to this site.  I too think that this is suspicious and would advise against contact at this stage.  We do have periods where new members join and stay dormant for a little while before launching a spam attack on other members.  I will make contact with him.

If anyone else has had similar contact, I would like to know.

I also have had an email from him asking me to contact him!!!

I've had one too...was immediately suspicious....won't be responding

I have tried to contact James Essien but he has not responded. As this is not an isolated event, I have decided to act now and prevent any possible problems in the future. He has now been suspended from the site. I would still advise against responding to any communication from him.

I had a message yesterday too, not responded as it looked suspect.

Jamie - could you confirm when you received the email please?  I suspended James Essien on Wednesday 12th July and I thought that that would prevent him from having access to the membership.  If he has copied addresses to his own database then I cannot stop his contact.  I could remove him from the site, but that would leave him free to apply again.


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