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Following a recent review of safety at Home Park by our partners, including Plymouth City Council and Devon & Cornwall Police, a potentially dangerous practice by spectators in some seats has been identified. 
The wall in front of the seats immediately in front of the various vomitories around the ground is at the regulation height for people walking to, and sitting in, their seats. 
However, it is not of the regulation height for people standing to watch the game. There is an increased risk of falling when standing next to this wall and, consequently, of suffering a serious injury.
Home Park is an all-seater stadium. By buying a ticket and entering the ground, spectators agree to abide by the ground regulations; these regulations forbid persistent standing. 
To maintain our enviable safety record, we will continue to enforce this regulation and we ask supporters to please refrain from standing persistently. Failure to do so could result in ejection from the ground. 
Your assistance in this matter is very much appreciated. 

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Comment by Jamie Sheehan on February 5, 2017 at 8:13
I was at Anfield and yes, I stood for the whole match. Not out of some act of defiance, but because, from a seated position, I couldn't see very much of the pitch, and if the person in front of me stood up, that became none at all. Standing in itself isn't the problem, and football urgently needs a grown-up debate about where it wants to go.
Comment by Edwin Moss on February 2, 2017 at 13:49

I fully agree that people should follow the rules and remain seated during games  and not ruin the day for other people.But we are talking about football not cricket or tennis

Comment by RODGER RUSE on February 2, 2017 at 12:13

This is a matter of supreme importance for me. Following the Liverpool games, I wrote to Argyle pointing out that the supporters in Block 126 at Anfield ALL stood up, ruining my enjoyment of the match (and those of many other disabled people and young children) as we were unable to see the action. This incident destroyed the reputation of Argyle. I found a police inspector and asked why they were allowing standing. He said the Merseyside Police were horrified to see this happening but, although they got the announcer to warn people standing that they were breaching ground regulations and could be arrested and ejected, they were powerless to intervene for fear of causing a major crowd disturbance. They had seen nothing like this from supporters of any other teams visiting Anfield and they would be complaining to Argyle.

I have now written again to Argyle stating that they MUST take draconian action to cut out this criminality and anti-social behaviour by many supporters in the Devonport stand by sending in stewards and police in large numbers and ejecting the culprits. It is only by acting forcefully that this horrible virus affecting the attendance at League football matches will be eliminated.

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